Tuesday, January 10, 2017

It is said in the Bible, do not worship or bow before any idols or images,then isn't taking a bow or kissing images going against the Word of God?

As for venerating, not worshipping, of idols and images, the coming of Christ made all the difference in how we worship God. When you read in the Old Testament, the promised people weren't supposed to worship idols because it inspired in them false ideas of what God looked like. For example, they worshipped Baal, an image of a bull and considered it as the god of fertility. The second council of Nicaea defined this matter by stating "Images aren't adored (worshipped in the strict sense), but they are honored, with the honor passing to the One represented. The same is true of images of the Saints, with the lesser honor due to them." This is like the love we express for our near and dear ones when we place photographs

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