Thursday, July 30, 2015


The word Charismatic comes from the Greek word Charis' which means 'Gift'. When this outpouring of the Holy Spirit began in the Catholic  Church in the early 1960's shortly after Vatican II, it was called the Catholic Pentecostal Renewal. Due to confusion in the minds of Catholics with Protestant Pentecostalism, the term Pentecostal was dropped in favor of the word Charismatic and it became known as the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Since its small beginnings in the USA, it has spread rapidly to become one of the fastest growing movements in the Catholic Church with a global membership exceeding 100million today. The "Charismatic"groups - which are not popular among the Middle - Eastern Christians, but are very keen on keeping Catholic faith and moderate manifestation of heavenly gifts, according to  the directives of St. Paul, especially in 1Cor. 14.