Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What is better: to pray or to meditate?

To arrive at perfection,says St. Bernard, we must meditate and pray: by meditation we see what we want; by prayer we receive what we want. Some people spend a great deal of time in reading and in meditating, but pay but little attention to prayer. there is no doubt that spiritual reading and meditation on the eternal truths, are very useful things, "but," says  St Augustine, "it is of much more use to pray." By reading and meditating we learn our duty; but by prayer we obtain the grace to do it."It is better to pray than to read: by reading we know what we ought to do; by prayer we receive what we ask." What is the use of knowing our duty, and then not doing it, but to make sure us more guilty in God's sight? We may read and meditate as we like, but we shall never satisfy our obligations, unless we ask of God the grace to fulfill them.