Sunday, July 15, 2012


When we say "Our" Father, we are invoking the new covenant in Jesus Christ, communion with the Holy Trinity, and the divine love which spreads through the Church to encompass the world.Praying to our Father should develop in us the will to become like him and foster in us a humble and trusting heart."Who art in heaven" does not refer to a place but to God's majesty and his presence in the hearts of the just. Heaven, the Father's house, is the true home land toward which we are heading and to which,already, we belong. The Lord's Prayer contains seven petitions made to God the Father. The object of the first three petitions is the glory of the Father:the sanctification of his name, the coming of the Kingdom, and the fulfillment of his will.The four other petitions present our wants to him: they ask that our lives be nourished, healed of sin, and made victorious in the struggle of good over evil. The seven petitions follows:

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