Saturday, June 30, 2012


Jesus teaches us this petition, because it glorifies our Father by acknowledging how good he is, beyond all goodness. The Father who gives us life cannot but give us the nourishment life requires - all appropriate goods and blessings, both material and spiritual. The presence of world hunger calls Christians to exercise responsibility and justice for the poor, to share with love our spiritual and material goods. This petition also addresses the spiritual famine of the world, and the Christian is to proclaim the good news to the poor. The specifically Christian sense of this fourth petition concerns the Bread of Life: The Word of God accepted in faith, the Body of Christ received in the Eucharist. The Eucharist is our daily bread. The power belonging to this divine food members of him, we may become what we receive... This also is our daily bread: readings we hear its day in church and the hymns we hear and sing. All these are necessities for our pilgrimage.

Monday, June 18, 2012

And Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us:

In this petition, we return to him like the prodigal son and the tax collector; we recognize that we are sinners before him. Our petitions begins with a "confession" of our wretchedness, and his mercy.This petition has two parts. According to the second phrase, our petition will not be heard unless we have first met a strict requirement.This outpouring of mercy cannot penetrate our hearts as long as we have not forgiven those who have trespassed against us. In refusing to forgive our brothers and sisters, our hearts are closed and and their hardness makes them impervious to the Father's merciful love; but in confessing our sins, our hearts are opened to his grace.It is there, in fact, "in the depths of the heart," that everything is bound and loosed. It is not easy to forget an offense; but the heart that offers itself to the Holy Spirit turns injury into compassion and purufies the memory in transforming the hurt into intercession. Christian prayer extends even to the forgiveness of one's neighbor. God does not accept the sacrifice of an unforgiving mam ,but  commands that  he depart from the altar so that he may first be reconciled with his brother. For God can be appeased only by prayers that make peace.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


This petition goes to the root of the preceding one, for our sins result from our consenting to temptation; This petition asks God not to allow us to take the path that leads to sin. This petition implores the Spirit for discernment and strength in the battle between flesh and spirit. The Holy Spirit makes us discern between trials, necessary for the growth of the inner man, and temptation, which leads to sin and death. Discernment unmasks the lie of temptation . This petition also requests the grace of vigilance and final perseverance.

Monday, June 4, 2012

But deliver us from all evil:

This last petition to our Father is included in the prayer Jesus, and we pray in communion with the Church for the deliverance of the whole human family from the person of Satan ,the Evil One, angel  who opposes God. When we ask to be delivered from the Evil One, we pray as well to be freed from all evils, present , past, and future, of which he is the author or instigator. Along with deliverance from the evils that overwhelm  humanity, the Church  implores the precious gift of peace and the grace of perseverance in expectation of Christ's return.

By the final "Amen," we express our "fiat" concerning the seven petitions : "So be it. "
[See CCC 2803-2954, 2865 ]