Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why do we make the Sign of the Cross?

We make the Sign of the Cross......
 _ To remind us of the blessed Trinity- Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. We repeat their
 names whilst making the sign of the Cross.
_ To remind us that the Son of God died on the Cross for all men. Before Calvary it was
a sign of disgrace. Christ made it a thing of glory and power.
_ To stir up our faith. It recalls that God is one and God is three; it recalls that the
 Second person of the Trinity died for all men; it professes our faith; it identifies the
_ To strengthen our hope. By making this sign we express the hope that
through the Cross, all blessings will come to us. It is also a powerful protection from
all dangers and temptations especially against the Evil One.
_ To kindle and feed our charity. Making this sign recalls the limitless love of Jesus
who died upon the cross. We determine to return love for love.
_ It is used in all blessings bestowed by Bishops and Priests.
_ It is used in all the sacraments: 14 times in Baptism; 17 times in Extreme Unction.

Yes, even in the semi-darkness of the confessional the Priest makes the Sign of the
Cross over you. A love and bring
toward this sacred sign is the mark of a true
follower of Christ. Use it frequently, use it thoughtfully, use it lovingly. It will  bring
you countless blessings.

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