Sunday, February 26, 2012

What are the various titles of the Holy Father?

The various title of the Holy father are:
 -His Holiness the Pope
-Bishop of Rome and vicar of Jesus Christ
-Successor of St.Peter, Prince of the Apostles
-Roman Pontiff
-Supreme Pontiff of The Universal Church;
-Universal Shepherd of the Church;
-Patriarch of The West;
-Primate of Italy;
-Archbishop and  Metropolitan of The Roman Province;
-Sovereign of Vatican City State;
-Servants of the Servants of God.

What is the correct way of addressing the clergy?

'The Pope is addressed verbally as "His Holiness" " Your Holiness" or "Dear Holy Father". Address letters to" His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI" and start with Holy Father".

Cardinals are address verbally as " First Name 'Cardinal' Last Name" or Your Eminence" without name. Address letters to "His Eminence, Fist Name 'Cardinal' Last name".

An Archbishop is addressed verbally as " Archbishop First Name or Last Name" or more formally as your "Grace".

Bishops are addressed verbally as " Bishop First Name or Last Name" or more formally as "Your Excellency" or Your Lordship" without name. Address letters to "The Most Reverend Full Name".

Priests are addressed verbally as "Father First Name or Last Name" or as "Reverend Father". In writing a letter, start with "Dear Father".

Deacons are addressed verbally as "Deacon First Name or Last Name".

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why don't we see many miracles today?

Everyday God performs many miracles, but almost all of them remain as the personal encounter of the people experiencing these miracles. Every time a husband and a wife or other people reconcile their differences, it is a miracle of God. I know of families where husband and wife have already decided to see a lawyer for a civil divorce, but God intervened in their lives and they reconciled. God works in the heart of the person and there he performs many miracles continuously.